a legacy built upon relationships

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Stability breeds innovation. It creates a place where you can stick your neck out. Say what needs to be said. Take a risk and realize the full potential of a space.

Great things happen when people can say, ‘Wait. What if?’ When they come together to push boundaries, to push each other. That’s who we are at Berners Schober.

We’re architects.
Interior designers.
Technical authorities.
Visionaries and pragmatists.

There’s an art to what we do. But there’s the business side too. We dig deep to create facilities that attract, sell, recruit. Facilities that change the way you work and grow your competitive edge. Facilities that endure.

It’s a legacy that hinges on vision and invention. But one that’s also built on follow through, getting things right, and, above all, doing what we say we’re going to do.

Our storied past comes to life in the assortment of solid and reliable commercial, educational, religious, municipal and medical structures lining Midwestern city streets and dotting the countryside.

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