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Brand Architecture

Branding a building isn’t as easy as putting a logo on the outside and color-coordinating the interior. You have to think bigger. Dig deeper.

When Prevea Health came to us to launch a multi-clinic rollout, we designed facilities that would look and feel familiar, whether you were visiting a rural family clinic or an urban specialty center. The way to make it work: three distinct building components (entry, clinic, specialty) that would have a cohesive feel while still allowing customization for each site and service line.

But before we could get down to details, we needed to understand Prevea’s heart—they’re sense of who they are and how they want to serve their communities.

We spent time in discovery, talking to clinic owners and users about the healthcare experience and evolving needs. We reviewed healthcare trends. Examined use patterns and flow. And mocked up a life-sized exam room to collect clinician feedback.

Now, with a fresh take on clinic layout, reimagined patient suites, and an eye toward evolution, the result is a regional network of clinics that brings Prevea’s DNA to life.

Each new facility reflects Prevea’s wellness-forward approach. Cohesive, recognizable design features create a similar feeling across all clinic locations, with spaces that help patients feel confident and comfortable and that positively impact the Prevea brand.

“Architecture can shift an everyday experience into a brand experience, creating positive perceptions of your organization and helping you live out your mission in a very practical sense.” - Steve Srubas, Architect

Our storied past comes to life in the assortment of solid and reliable commercial, educational, religious, municipal and medical structures lining Midwestern city streets and dotting the countryside.

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